Certainly one of the most popular products of Italian excellence and spread throughout the world: the ham PDO of San Daniele del Friuli, characterizes our territory.

Famous for its taste it is the result of a special environment and microclimate, typical of the hills around San Daniele del Friuli, that characterize the maturing to the point to make it unique, and the combination of several factors, typical of this area, have become rigid Production Specifications that the various manufacturers must observe in order to mark their hams under the brand Prosciutto San Daniele PDO.

Behind an outstanding product there is also a beautiful landscape to visit, countries and historical places to learn, traditions and food and wine proposals to be discovered.

From the Relais Picaron in a few minutes you can reach the many ham factories to learn about the fascinating process of transformation and maturating of hams, and tasting on the place of production the different seasoning. And then along The Castle and Flavour Road: a path that winds for about 90 km between rolling hills and small towns across the Hills of Friuli. It connects the castles, villages and historic villas with the places of production and tasting of San Daniele raw ham, Fagagna cheese, trout of San Daniele and other typical flavours of the territory.

At the end of June, every year, "Aria di Festa" is the official event dedicated to San Daniele ham: 4 days of flavours, music, events and shows, and of course guided tours to the ham factories.

At our restaurant you can experience a pleasant tasting, with hams from different manufacturers, all of the Consortium of Prosciutto di San Daniele, to discover the particular diversity. All this combined with the excellent wines from our cellar.

For information and routes:
Consortium of Prosciutto di San Daniele
Community Friuli Collinare (Hills of Friuli)

Or ask information and directions for routes to the staff of the Reception of the Relais Picaron.

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